Catherine Hunsinger

Executive Director


"I’ve identified as a musician my entire life, yet have always felt like an imposter coming out as one... “Who, HER?!” So I’ve remained somewhat closeted and stayed within my comfort zones. We are allowed to be fearful of our successes and failures, but our fears should not be founded on our femininity, and I found that many of mine were. It’s funny, because Columbia has always felt like a hug to me; a super chill, all-inclusive lounge trapped in the back of a men’s club. So now we open the emergency exit and fill this lounge with those too-long silent voices and hope the rest of the club joins."


Kati Baldwin

Creative Director

Photographer/Concept Artist

“My goal for most days of my life is to support the things and people I care most about. I show that in two different ways: through visual art, and bringing everyone I know into the same social situation. Exposure and networking are the two things in our small arts scene that we seem to be lacking. And that's what Girls Block is all about. Creating an event that brings all of us from every social circle together to celebrate International Women's Day. Because we, women are amazingly underrated. It's time to steal the spotlight. Let's all support one another. Let's get creative together. And let's all have fun while doing so."


Lauren Nix

Volunteer Coordinator

Team Leader/Non-profit advocate

"Art has always been a part of my life, whether it was recording silly films in high school or now shooting film photography and glitching photos in my free time. I learned early on how to express myself through art and media. I’m looking forward to empowering and uplifting artists around Columbia through Girls Block. My love of volunteering and art have come together, and I’m so thankful to be working with this amazing team of powerful women! You will find me at the block party cheering everyone on!!"