It all started when…

Two women in the Columbia arts scene were striving for their biggest potential. Making moves to become consistently better in their craft, they noticed some hurdles along the way. Each of them began to notice they were underpaid, underappreciated, and misrepresented by the majority of the culture around them. A culture that sometimes lacked the support it needed to be successful. One that had so much more potential than most people cared to tap into. With the belief and faith in each others passionate advocacy, they created Girls Block. A place to be included, supported, uplifted, and given the knowledge to every women that she has NO LIMITS. Our mission is to empower you to the fullest by letting you shine. Putting you in the spotlight is what we do best and we want to do it for you. Here’s to your success, because you have always been more than deserving. It’s about time that you felt like it.

-GB Team