Kiber Selig

With A Dash of Therapy

written by Kati Baldwin

Kiber Selig is a South Carolina artist who uses fashion as a form of medium. Her business, Kiber & Kobb, showcases vintage and thrifted clothing with a twist. Running pop up events throughout her shop and collaborating with multiple photographers and visual artists makes for influential exposure. With the use of clothing and how to style it, she teaches us to be comfortable, to branch out, and to be ourselves above all else. This is exactly the type of artistry needed in the SC community and beyond.

Knowing that collaborations are now becoming crucial factors in keeping the arts alive and thriving, Kiber has joined forces with Katie Roberts of Pannerpete Vintage. The two have created the collective, O.P.T. (Other People’s Trash), a new project meant to provide physical spaces and events such as Pop Up shops for artists and vendors alike. Their goal is to expand their network by helping others gain clientele and experience.

photography by Kati Baldwin

“For me, it’s more about being in the moment, being with friends, and enjoying each others time together.”

To Kiber, making money is never in the forefront of her mind. This is what makes her a true artist, and as artists grow, some obtain a larger space in due time to continue creating. Kiber & Kobb’s studio is located in Tapp’s Arts Center with her business partner Pannerpete Vintage, where they open up their shop for events such as First Thursday on Main and the many other events and concerts in The Space Hall of Columbia and Soda Live. She loves the atmosphere during shows because she is able to create memories with her shoppers and continue the connection through her passion for styling. She says that many styling sessions turn into “styling therapy” because dressing people often involves conversations about what is most comfortable for them and why they choose the style they have. Many times, she is asked for personal advice due to her approachable and laid back nature, and Kiber always obliges. She even enjoys it, “I’m really intrigued with the idea of healing people. I thought, ‘How can I incorporate styling with that?’ I’m wanting to give people safe spaces and platforms for just being themselves and letting people know, ‘You can do that’. I want to influence people, and not in an Instagram influencer way. I don’t want people to be like me. I don’t subscribe to that.”

Known for her inclusivity and non-conformity, she tells us “I want people to know that they are loved for being different. That they are cherished for their individuality. You don’t have to play by the rules. You can play by your own rules. And when you start accepting that, and being ok with it, that is when you shine so bright. That’s when people see you and they say ‘Hey, I want to know that person. I want to do stuff with that person. I want to create with that person’. -And it’s mostly about having fun.” 

She tells us a long term goal would be to eventually create a co-op arts space that could be used as a gallery, music venue, bar, etc. With dreams this big and the vision of actualizing it, this seems more than possible for her in the near future.

“If you’re an alien or a being….or whatever. Know that you’re loved for just that.”

Along with uplifting others through styling, concept styling and curating has become a huge part of Kiber’s artistry and business. Since partnering on multiple projects (e.g. “A Space to Grow” -a three show series featuring 13 bands held at The Space Hall of Columbia), she will soon release her first event, “Mom’s Basement” in sole, title presentation, featuring anything and everything 90’s. Her dream this year was to host a party completely themed towards the decade, so she made it happen for herself and the community. With the help of many great local artists, she will present five cover bands, two dj’s, a styling and photo booth, and an interactive window at Tapp’s Arts Center located at 1644 Main St. Columbia, SC at 7pm on August 30th.

“What I love about the concept of curating is that ‘It’s all you’. You can be as creative as you want - and these are the times and the moments where you can get those ideas out and let them unfold.”

With collaborative projects, “styling therapy”, event curating, and concept styling, Kiber Selig has proven to be a jack of all trades this year. You can catch her next event with O.P.T. for “After Market” at Tapp’s Arts Center this Saturday, August 10th from 11am - 5pm for vendors and dj’s. We excitedly anticipate what she will bring to Columbia next, and are more than happy to be a part of it. Bring it on Kiber, because we haven’t gotten enough of you yet.

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