Kids Block station by Paul Chelmis

Funny Bunny by Paul Chelmis

010112 by Paul Chelmis

Cayla Fralick by Sophie Harris

The Long Con by Rachel Barringer

Aura Van Dank by Sophie Harris

Beware of Dog by Sophie Harris

Kaylah Dixon by Mia Naome

Block love by Paul Chelmis

Meg Smith’s artwork by Paul Chelmis

Diaspoura by Alex Wiley

Scarlet Vixen by Rachel Barringer

Estee by Mia Naome

Baby Yaga by Mia Naome

Jamie Gray by Sophie Harris

Charleston crew by Paul Chelmis

coloring station by Paul Chelmis

Puppy love by Paul Chelmis

Elena Devour by Sophie Harris

Glass Mansions by Alex Wiley

Say Femme by Sophie Harris

The Laughing Owl by Sophie Harris

Cry Baby by Mia Naome

Brooke & Meg by Paul Chelmis

Vendor love by Paul Chelmis

Tiny Coven Bellydance by Paul Chelmis

The Garden Soapery by Paul Chelmis

The Mothers Sketch Comedy by Paul Chelmis

Say Femme by Sophie Harris

Taylor Alxndr by Rachel Barringer

Girls Block 2019 Columbia gallery features photographers Mia Naome, Sophie Harris, Rachel Barringer, Paul Chelmis, and Alex Wiley. If you would like to become a contributor to our media team or would like a media pass to our next event, please fill out our media form below.